Race categories

  • Fittest Family 3 Members
  • Fittest Family 4 Members
  • Individual 5K Run
  • Individual 10K Run
  • Individual 20K Cycle
  • Inclusion 2K Run

Note: Assembly time is 5:30 am for everybody

Family of 4 & Family of 3 run with the individual categories

Last runner to cross start line to qualify for prizes and ranking There is no ranking for them
Ranking based on Rankings will be based on Aggregate time
Ranking & prize money eligibility Average time of all 4 & 3 members having crossed all timing points on course, including start and finish will only be eligible to win

Race Format


Child Below 12 Child Above 12
5KM Run 5KM Run
20KM Cycle 10KM Run
Parkour 20KM Cycle


Child Below 12 Child Above 12
5KM Run 5KM Run
10km Run 5km Run
20KM Cycle 10KM Run
Parkour 20KM Cycle

NOTE: The participants who will follow these criteria will be eligible to win


Aggregate of net time

The team with the fastest aggregate net timings of all 3 and 4 members will decide team rankings and eligibility for prizes. All 3 members should have individually crossed all timing mats on the route.

Race Day Results:

Category No. of finish positions Time outer limit
Individual 20K Cycle Top 3 06:45 am
Individual 10K Run Top 3 07:20 am
Individual 5K Run Top 3 07:50 am
Fittest Family 3 Members Top 1 -
Fittest Family 3 Members Top 1 -

NOTE: There will be only Top 3 awards for all individual categories (No specific award for any age limit or men or women)

Also in Fittest Family 3 and 4 category the ranking for each family will be on the basis of their average time of all the 3 and 4 members

Participants are requested to reach the venue and start the event on time. Anybody starting post 15 mins of the flag off time is not eligible to win, even if they finish in time.